Vision & Values
. . . assuring organizational integrity and transparency

The birth of MarinMOCA is a significant and exciting step for the Bay Area artistic community. We are committed to creating a unique model that merges the talent and leadership of artists with the qualities of a museum. This vision is reflected in our values:

  • Connecting art with life
  • Championing artists and the artistic process
  • Pioneering a collaborative model between artists and museums
  • Encouraging diverse perspectives and provocative ideas
  • Building community and relationships
  • Fostering dialogue between artists and the public
  • Creating educational opportunities for children, families, and adults
  • Upholding professional standards and fiscal prudence
  • Assuring organizational integrity and transparency

Fiscal prudence and organizational transparency are part of our core values, so it is important that our supporters, visitors, and artist members are informed about the sources of support we receive, as well as how we manage our finances. Therefore, we make available to our supporters an annual breakdown of income and expenses.

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