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9/18/2014      Portrait and the Figure

Develop your own style of painting the figure! If you are interested in painting portraits or figures, working from 'life'; is essential. The nuances of light, reflections and shadows on the form are defining and inspirational. You will receive individualized instruction in composition, color, proportions and the use of your read more »

9/20/2014      Mixed Media & Painting

Interested in developing mixed media into your paintings/artwork? Come and explore the possibilities of using different media together or practical, craftsman like ways of incorporating different elements into one artwork.

This class will help artists, whether they specialize in landscape, figurative, abstract or mixed media, to withstand the rigors of read more »

9/22/2014      Painting Group

No instructor. Open space to paint with fellow artists. There are a few spaces available. Attend one session for free before you decide! Call office for details: 415-506-0137.

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9/23/2014      The Draped Figure

Living Social or other promotional deals cannot be used on drop-in sessions.

No instructor, just space to come, create, and be inspired by fellow artists. Draw or paint from live models in a variety of costumes and settings.

Call office 506-0137 for more information.

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9/24/2014      Exhibit-Ready Acrylics

Complete dynamic landscape compositions with color theories that can get your work in competitions with artists groups throughout California.

Paint along with the instructor and learn how you can produce award-winning work in just four weeks. Marin MOCA provides show opportunities for members and non- members for shows throughout the read more »