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3/6/2015      Acrylic Painting

A series of acrylic abstract workshops, the course begins with a traditional landscape painted by the class, after which the results are abstracted freeing an artist of the constraints and formality of traditionalism. You will receive supportive and informative critiques as we progress through this unique and interesting course. Gain read more »

3/7/2015      Being Present Workshop 3

Because we know that a cessation of expectation...demanding rigid essential to the creation of an art that shatters habitual practice toward the development of new works and techniques, we invite you to join our Saturday Mixed-Media Workshops.

Facilitated by Carl Heyward (former instructor SF Academy of Art University, SF read more »

3/9/2015      Painting Group

No instructor. Open space to paint with fellow artists. There are a few spaces available. Attend one session for free before you decide! Call office for details: 415-506-0137.

read more »

3/10/2015      The Draped Figure

Living Social or other promotional deals cannot be used on drop-in sessions.

No instructor, just space to come, create, and be inspired by fellow artists. Draw or paint from live models in a variety of costumes and settings.

Call office 506-0137 for more information.

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3/12/2015      Portrait and the Figure

Develop your own style of painting the figure! If you are interested in painting portraits or figures, working from 'life'; is essential. The nuances of light, reflections and shadows on the form are defining and inspirational. You will receive individualized instruction in composition, color, proportions and the use of your read more »