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deborah sullivan:
Irregularities of Attention

December 6 - January 11
Reception For the Artist: December 6, 4-7 p.m.

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art at Hamilton Field in Novato will present DEBORAH SULLIVAN: IRREGULARITIES OF ATTENTION, featuring the work of Bay Area artist, Deborah Sullivan. Sullivan employs a rich symbolic vocabulary that explores concepts such as home, temporality, technology, nature, and spirituality. The broad universality and appeal of such concepts is filtered through Sullivan's unique artistic voice in mixed-media artworks characterized by a gritty texture from which faint images emerge, inviting viewers to experience each piece patiently and carefully. This dynamic exhibition will include 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artworks, some containing photographic images that, as Sullivan puts it, serve to “bridge past and present.” There is in Sullivan's work a vulnerable, yet brave exploration of self, but her deft juggling of personal journey with universal themes results in a body of work that tells a relatable, almost stream-of-consciousness story about struggle and triumph, fear and comfort, loss and love.

Of Deborah Sullivan’s work Lonner Holden a Bay Area Poet says, “In recent works presented by MarinMOCA, Deborah Sullivan bridges past, present and future with her two and three dimensional constructions using both cameraless and electronic images, combining the detritus of life in the last two centuries with relic elements from the BIG BANG.”

Deborah Sullivan is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer and mixed media artist. She was born on the East Coast, and has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Rutgers University. She has recently participated in Bay Area solo and group shows at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Falkirk Cultural Center, and MarinMOCA, where she was awarded Second place. She also participated in a national exhibition at the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, NM, where her work has been included in the permanent collection.


Art by Enrique Goldenberg

Art by Beryl Miller

Ron Collins Gallery:
Yin and Yang: Enrique Goldenberg
and Beryl Miller

Beryl Miller and Enrique Goldenberg are polar opposites in their approach to creating art. This exhibit titled “Yin and Yang” explores and celebrates their differences in approach to art processes and visual solutions.

Beryl Miller's paintings are informed by emotions using colors, lines and shapes intuitively transformed into abstract paintings. Her creation emerges quietly during this manipulation of visual elements resulting in a synergy of soulfulness and dynamism.

Enrique Goldenberg is an artist with a rigor for creating things with meticulous methodologies. He explores his visual language base on his experiences as an Engineer creating art that is precise yet infused with playfulness and wit. His repertoire of paintings and sculptures explores a variety of concepts and media that delivers surprise and delight.