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Prize Winners:
1st: Kristin Meuser
2nd: Julia Ross
3rd: Kathleen Lack
Honorable Mention:
Lucy Arnold
Diana Liu Benet
Kathryn Cirincione-Coles
Mary Comen
Toni Denmark
Geraldine Ganun-Owens
Sharon Kyle Kuhn
Patricia Leeds
Gary Marsh
Beryl Miller
Linda Mueller
Sarah O’Hala
Deborah Sullivan
Ron Vela
Judith Williams
Doug Wilson

Metamorphosis: MarinMOCA Member Show

January 17 - February 22
Opening Reception: January 17, 5-7 p.m.

Not only artistic change can be defined by metamorphosis, but also life, personal or political changes. Marin Museum of Contemporary Art artist members fill both the Main Gallery and the Ron Collins Gallery with art depicting the various paths of transformation. Artists are given freedom to interpret this theme as defined by their art and experience.

Some of the MarinMOCA artist members sharing their perspectives and artist techniques are Doug Wilson, Sanda Manuila and Ayris Hatton.

Doug Wilson titled his piece ’Specimen‘. He says, ”It is ceramic stoneware that has gone from mud through fire to stone, and bears the scars of human contact.“ This work is about five feet wide and its ten separate pieces make up the overall shape. Doug likes to create larger scale and multi-component ceramic artworks and also makes paintings. He has previously taught ceramics and has shown his work throughout Marin.

Both Sanda Manuila and Ayris Hatton look to the butterfly for inspiration. With a very different interpretation, each artist created beautiful works of art. Manuila’s piece ”Je Reviens“ is an oil painting on canvas, which was developed very slowly, applying paint and glazes, layer after layer. By adding multiple impressions of light, Manuila created an inner landscape from which exude an allegorical quality. The image of the butterfly unveils the story of transformation. The painting is done in a classical style, but cropping the image to show only a part of the Monarch gives it a more contemporary feel. Manuila says that butterflies remind her that ”we are all on a long journey of the soul, encountering endless turns, shifts and experiences, times of vulnerability, moments of miraculous growth. Metamorphosis is the magic that insects teach us.“

”Candle Glow“ by Ayris Hatton is purposefully kept simple featuring a lit candle with butterfly. She underpaints the form and composition then takes on the challenge of applying color in the correct value. Finally glaze is applied to enhance the color and deepen tones. Hatton draws parallels between the danger and destruction of a butterfly to a flame and the danger and destruction that is happening to nature around us. ”As I paint, I become aware of the miraculous complexity of a simple object. The object as well as the act of painting are complex, quiet, and yet profound. The process becomes a metaphor and the painting becomes a symbol for the simplicity and stillness I seek in my life.“ says Hatton.