MarinMOCA Artist In Residence Program

. . . championing artists and the artistic process

In partnership with the City of Novato, the MarinMOCA residency aims to provide a talented and committed visual artist with a stipend and free studio space at the Novato Art Center surrounded by 50 other artists as well as MarinMOCA’s galleries, museum store and classroom. This exciting new program will give a deserving artist the opportunity to concentrate on making their art while giving the community opportunities to connect and learn from his/her art practice and knowledge.

Through June 2017 Artists In Residence:
Demetra Theofanous and Dean Bensen
Glass Artists
Studio Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm

Demetra and Dean are glass sculptors that utilize nature as a vehicle to communicate environmental challenges, and metaphors for the human experience. Their work connects the viewer with the story of the natural world, and instills an appreciation for its’ interconnectedness to man, and its’ inherent fragility. Glass is a material well-suited to convey this fragility that exists. This common thread in their work will intertwine in a new body of collaborative work, creating wall tapestries from woven glass. Through repetition of the woven form, they will create works made up of hundreds of strands of glass.

Says Demetra "The strength or weakness of each strand affects the entire system and is a metaphor for our interdependence on one another, as well as our environment. A small change in the system can have far reaching impact that can cause the entire system to crumble. Our ability to exist peacefully with others, and to protect our environment’s resources, is a tenuous balance highlighting our interdependence on others and the earth."

Glass Fusing Workshops on April 1, May 27 and June 17. More information here.

Sense of Place, by Demetra Theofanous and Dean Bensen